Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dark Knight Review

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Well today I am going to do a movie review for the movie Dark Knight.

Michael Caine, Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman all return to take up their previous characters. But Katie Holmes has been replaced by Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes. Now I personally think Katie Holmes is a alright actress but she has been replaced by someone that plays the role even better.
Now this movie is not a movie for the young. It is a dark and sadistic tale from Gotham city. Heath Ledger's performance in this movie is astounding, he fits into the role of The Joker far better any version of him I have ever seen much better than Jack Nicholson . It is a shame that he had to leave us, but at least he left us with a great performance to remember him.
This movie rated at M is really I would say at the most R16 at the least R13, The Joker in this movie has a very much more sadistic persona.

I must say that I did thoroughly enjoy this movie, it was the sort of movie that sucked you in and had you waiting on the edge of your seat till the very last minute.

From me..... a 4 1/2 out of 5.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Little Story

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This is a story I had to write for English, it is a prequel to Watership down

Writers Intention.
To show why the Character General Woundwort from Watership Down is such a cold hearted brute.

Attack on the Warren

A loud sound filled the early morning air. An ear splitting screech echoed through the tunnels of the Warren.

Woundwort’s eyes flickered open. His peaceful dreams of green pastures shattered by the essence of reality. Woundwort slowly rose from his place of rest and staggered to the side of the small dark hole that surrounded him. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, a black figure on the opposite side of the tunnel grew clearer.

Woundwort slowly moved closer to the still figure. He did not know what it was but a familiar smell entered his head with each breath the smell of blood. He brushed his nose against the figure and pulled back with a sharp yelp. He had brushed up against wet fur…

Warm wet fur.

Another loud shot pierced the air. Woundworts long rounded ears pricked up at the sound. Each strand of His fur tensed as the sound echoed through the Warren. As the echoes of the shot faded into the darkness a soft call could be heard. The call faint and comforting grew louder with each passing moment until a familiar sound could be heard.

“Worty! Worty!”

“Mom?” Woundwort yelled, “Mom is that you?”

“Worty! Worty!” His Mother wailed, “We have to leave!”

Woundwort ran to the sound of his Mother’s voice. Within a short while he burst into an open clearing. As Woundwort looked around he saw the sun rising which tainted the sky blood red.

“Worty? Thank goodness you are alright!”

Woundwort spun around to see his mother standing limply. Her thick brown fur blotched with dark red stains. But her looked into her eyes, in her eyes he saw in pain, he saw courage. Beside her lay a body, lying on its side. Every few seconds it’s arteries let go of another pulse of blood which drenched the surrounding grass with blood.

“Who is that...?” Woundwort whimpered.

Woundwort’s words faded away as a sharp piercing howl cracked through the morning air.

“Worty you have to leave,” A stern look appeared on her face, “The hunters are here. Leave now! Head for the Downs I will meet you there...”

“Who is that…?” Woundwort crept towards the body, “No… It couldn’t be”

“Yes...Yes Worty it is... But you must leave now!”

Woundwort couldn’t move. He didn’t want to move. He stared deep into his father’s clouded eyes.

“Woundwort! Leave Now!”

Woundwort slowly turned his body around and walked past entrance of the warren and towards the forest that enclosed it.

Another shot rang in Woundworts ears. Woundwort jumped but not because of the shot. He jumped because of a loud growling that had echoed after the shot.

Suddenly a large beast tackled Woundwort biting him on the neck. Woundwort tried to yell for help but the pain from the jaws held back his scream. His vision slowly dissolved into black and only sound could be heard. A slight cry sounded from behind him and the jaws released their grip. As Woundworts vision returned he saw his mother in fierce combat with a Dog.

“Worty run!” She Cried

A surge of anger filled Woundwort, He look at his mother he felt no pity. She hadn’t cared enough to save his father, why should he care enough to help her. He turned and ran.

As he reached the edge of the surrounding forest he turned his head back towards his mother and saw the dog deliver the final blow. With its jaws wrapped around her head, it snapped them together with a frightful force. A bone shattering crunch echoed throughout the field. Woundwort looked on, he felt only anger. The family that had cared for him, had been split. All that he knew and love had changed…Forever…

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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Well here is a blog post full of randomness. I am gonna find a way of putting music onto my blog page... A friend of mine gave me a heck of music. And some of it is really good classics. and also this blogging has been going really well, I am thinking of starting a You Tube channel for blogs (Vlogs) but I might not, will see how I feel when I get the time.
School work is going alright. I passed my English Essay I got a strongly achieved. Which is better than a fail.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Filming and What I wanna do.

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I had a comment on my previous post, about filming in the snow. So I thought I would spill my little by important knowledge. Although I was once really interested in Directing and such, my heart has found a new target.... ACTING. an even harder industry to get into. But anyway
How to film in Snow
When angling the shot make sure the sun isn't glaring off the snow. As we all know snow can glare quite a bit.

Be careful of 'White Out' (well I think that is what it is called) it only happens on sunny days. It is when the sunlight reflects off the snow and fills the entire camera lens with white, even if the camera is not pointing into the sun.

Make sure that you are not in the way of the Skier or Boarder. I know it is a really silly thing, but is does happen more than you think.

Make sure the person you are filming is not wearing white... they might blend in.

Well those are all the things I can think of. Filming on snow is pretty much the same as filming anywhere else, just be careful of the suns glare, and the sun itself.

Now back to what I wanna do.
Acting, ahh I have always wanted to be an actor, but I do get very nervous when put in front of people. But a few weeks ago I had a bit of a revelation, Who cares what other people think. They thinks about you no matter what. And that has kind of freed me up from feeling nervous in front of people. So hopefully this will help me to get into acting.
Also, in October from the 6-11 I am on a course in Christchurch. The course is called BTC (beyond the camera), here is a link to the website
This course is about the Film and Television industry it looks really good.

"Is the juice worth the squeeze"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School work. ENGLISH

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Well today was another day with a ball and chain. I had English today and we had to write an essay on To Kill a Mockingbird. Fun..... to the least. But I have now finished it. Upon doing this essay I was thinking, where am I going to use the skills I have learnt from writing an essay in REAL life. So I thought and thought, and I could not come up with any ideas. But it has to be done. I suppose that if I was kidnapped by Terrorists they could ask me to write a essay on Why the Americans treat them badly, But I think that that is very unlikely.

Well anyway here is a copy of my essay have a read and leave and comments.
Describe a main conflict in a text you have studied and analyse how the conflict helped the author to present important ideas.

A main conflict in the text To Kill a Mockingbird is the conflic between people of a white race and coloured people of a slave culture. Harper Lee
used this conflict to provide an insight to racial prejudice in Alabama in the 1930's.

During the 1930's racial prejudice in Alabama was a feature of everyday life. Churchs were split into spereate congregations, one white and one
black. At that time the justice system was also split in two. There was white justice and black justice.
During the court scene in the text, the black justice system was used. Tom Robinson (A black man accused of raping a white woman) stood
before an entirely white male jury. Although no sufficent evidence is found against Tom, he is still found guilty. Why?
Well in my opinion it is because Tom Robinson is black and Maycomb's lifestyle is to look down at the black race. To me the guilty verdict
is not ethical.

"It ain't right, Atticus,' Said Jem
'No son, it's not right"

The idea that Harper Lee allowed us to peer into is how people treat each other based on racial features. This is based on how black people
were treated in Maycomb during the 1930's. Harper Lee has given us an insight into the world of human nature. Where humans treat other people
who are different any way they want because they feel they have an advantage.

"The simple hell people give other people without even thinking"

I conclude that Harper Lee showed us a conflict between a people of a white race and coloured people of a slave culture in the text to show her
opnion on how humans treat those who are different without even thinking about what they are like inside.

By Xavier Smith

First Entry

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Well this is my first entry on my wonderful blog. Finally I have gotten around to creating my own personal blog. It has been years in the making. In this blog I will upload everything from what happened in my day to random stories to movie reviews (well I will try to write them, if I watch any) and I might even write some game reviews. This blog will be fun and creative, I will upload videos, pictures and anything else I wanna show ya.

Like these two pictures both incredibly cute yet hilarious

"Life is like a big party...................Only I got stuck with the bill"
Xavier Smith - Student