Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well As It Goes

Posted by X

Games Games Games.... Why why why, They have the whole big big build up and then they just let us down... ROCK BAND 2 for example Rock Band was released in NZ 1 year after it was released in US... Rock Band 2 hasn't been released yet. It is soo annoying.
At the moment the moment My gaming is pretty much just Music games.. I am so into them. But I have got my pre-order on Assassins Creed 2 Black Edition for PS3 can't wait for that one...
TV is not to far away…
I was playing Mass Effect today, played it for about an hour. When I chose to nuke some bugs and left the shield down and died… Oops I had forgotten to save. There goes a wasted hour. I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow, we have a big finance going at the moment, So it will most likely be really busy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Its Been Awhile

Posted by X

Well it has been a little while since I blogged... but I thought that I should get back into it, as my mother is doing it now.
At the moment I have been Guitar Heroing and Rock Banding. Both games are pretty awesome but Rock Band is far superoir. I was looking around for Rock Band 2 but it is yet to be released in NZ it was released in the US last year. But O-well it will come out at some point.. My TV saving is going pretty well but, certian things have come up which have taken a bit of money… Guitar Hero and My bike breaking down… :( But 2 more pays should do the trick… Hopefully.
After the TV I will get some more games lol. Guitar Hero Greatest Hits and Band Hero. Me and my Future flatmate David love the games. We do it all, Drums, Guitar and Singing (hes really good at singing lol). I will upload a pic of us playing it at some point lol once we set up the house or after I tidy my room. Speaking of that I am  looking at my room now, maybe I should tidy it now… Nah I will do it tomorrow, Wait I think I’ve been saying that for ages.
Well I just had my weekend and I didn’t get up to much, got my haircut and ummm yea.. at the moment I lead a very exciting life.

Well I better run.. Ciao